Welcome to the world of EUREC4A data! This is a collection of python code examples to get you started with the data.


The book chapters show datasets that are accessible online, i.e. you don’t have to download anything. Most datasets are accessed via the eurec4a intake catalog, which simply said takes care of the links to datasets in their most recent version. The scripts typically contain at minimum how to get a specific dataset and some simple plots of basic quantities. Most chapters include additional information from aircraft flight segments or further eurec4a meta data, sometimes more sophisticated plots, or also a combination of variables from different datasets.

How can you run the code?

In the chapters you will find a rocket icon () in the top bar to the right. It provides two interactive ways to run the code: Binder and LiveCode. In both cases a virtual environment is created for you in the background by a click on the respective link and you don’t have to take care of any requirements locally on your machine. Of course you can also run all the code locally as described in running How to EUREC4A locally.

In principle, we anticipate to have at minimum one example script per instrument and we are very happy about contributions by you :) If you miss some information that could be valuable, feel free to check the link on how to contribute to this book and make a pull request or open an issue on github if you are short on time. Thanks!