The EUREC⁴A-Model intercomparison project (EUREC⁴A-MIP) is an ongoing effort to test the ability of a variety of simulations to capture the observed variability of the trade-winds.


This section and its subsections are still under development.


Boundary conditions#

The boundary conditions and warming tendencies are provided on the DKRZ-SWIFT storage. The entire files can be accessed

  • via the EUREC⁴A Intake Catalog

    import xarray as xr
    from intake import open_catalog
    from pandas import date_range
    dates_of_interest = date_range('2020-01-01','2020-03-01', freq='1H')
    cat = open_catalog("")
    for experiment in ['control', 'warming']:
      bc_cat = cat.simulations.EUREC4A_MIP[experiment].setup.boundary_conditions
      ds = xr.concat([bc_cat(date=d).to_dask() for d in dates_of_interest], dim='time')

    In addition to the boundary conditions already applied to the ERA5 simulations, the monthly mean climate deltas are also available separately. They are computed from the CMIP6 output of the GFDL-CM4 model (Held et al., 2019) as the difference between the AMIP with patterned 4K SST increase experiment (AMIP-future 4K) and the AMIP historical (AMIP) simulation. Variables available are temperature, relative humidity, surface pressure, horizontal wind and sea and land surface temperature. These monthly mean climate deltas are available as two products.

    • at original GFDL-CM4 resolution

      delta_gfdl = cat.simulations.EUREC4A_MIP.warming.setup.boundary_conditions.deltas.GFDL_CM4.to_dask()
    • at ERA5 horizontal and vertical resolution (interpolated)

      delta_era5 = cat.simulations.EUREC4A_MIP.warming.setup.boundary_conditions.deltas.ERA5.to_dask()

    Instructions on how to install the mandatory packages can be found at the EUREC⁴A Intake Catalog Repository

  • from the browser interface

  • or command line:

    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""
    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""
    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""
    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""

Further references#