The EUREC⁴A-Model intercomparison project (EUREC⁴A-MIP) is an ongoing effort to test the ability of a variety of simulations to capture the observed variability of the trade-winds.


This section and its subsections are still under development.


Boundary conditions#

The boundary conditions and warming tendencies are provided on the DKRZ-SWIFT storage. The entire files can be accessed

  • via the EUREC⁴A Intake Catalog

    import xarray as xr
    from intake import open_catalog
    from pandas import date_range
    dates_of_interest = date_range('2020-01-01','2020-03-01', freq='1H')
    cat = open_catalog("")
    for experiment in ['control', 'warming']:
      bc_cat = cat.simulations.EUREC4A_MIP[experiment].setup.boundary_conditions
      ds = xr.concat([bc_cat(date=d).to_dask() for d in dates_of_interest], dim='time')

    Instructions on how to install the mandatory packages can be found at the EUREC⁴A Intake Catalog Repository

  • from the browser interface

  • or command line:

    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""
    wget -r -H -N --cut-dirs=3 --include-directories="/v1/" ""

Further references#